Dear Champion Fellowship family,


As you know, today is April Fool’s Day, and I would love nothing more than to announce that COVID19 is no longer among us.  Unfortunately, I cannot.  With that, we thank you for staying connected with Champion Fellowship as we have adjusted during this time of social distancing. 


General updates:

  • We expect to continue online services in April with the Sunday services at 9:00 am and the Good Friday service at 6:30 pm.  Please follow live us on Facebook or the Champion Fellowship web page.  We fixed the technical problem experienced last week with the web page.

  • No on-campus ministry activities during April.

  • Tim is back in the office part-time as he continues to recover.  He is not taking appointments at this time.  We will provide an update when he is.

  • Celebrate Recovery is meeting virtually, if you need info on how to get connected with this, please send an email to recovery@championfellowship.org


Youth Ministry updates:

  • Neil will be hosting a virtual Youth Group tonight (Wednesday, April 1st) via zoom. The virtual hang out will begin at 7:00 pm.

  • Students can join via the Zoom app on their phones or by computer. If joining by phone, simply download the zoom app, then click the link below at 7p or enter the meeting id number. If joining Zoom for the first time via a computer, you will be prompted to download and run Zoom. After installing, you can re-click the link below to join or enter the meeting ID in zoom.us to join.

  • After clicking the link, students can enter their name and enable video and microphone to join in. Below is the link along with the meeting password.

  • Do to other youth groups being spammed by those seeking to disrupt, we ask that you do not share the link or password publicly to protect our students.


Mission updates: Champion Fellowship is still engaged with those on the mission field, whether it is local or global.  In this time of social distancing, it has also affected the missionaries and mission agencies we support.  Below are updates and areas of prayer for those on the front lines:

  • Ireni & Restoration Ministries

    • Paulo recently had surgery and is recovering.

    • Ireni’s kids are quarantining in California.

    • Restoration Ministries is closed, and the team is working from home.

    • Sao Paulo is the epicenter for COVID-19 for Brazil.   

  • Victor, in Peru - lost his son unexpectedly & is unable to get to him in the US due to travel restrictions.

  • Hargraves in Indonesia – their oldest son, is scheduled to come to the US for college, please pray for travel safety.

  • New Beginnings – abortion centers are presently open at this time, continue praying over this devesting issue.

Canceled Events & Trips:

  • Brazil (Considering an August trip if it is safe.)

  • Beautiful Feet

  • Local Identity Mission event.


In the works - Continuing to explore opportunities for the care of our church family.  Please follow us on Facebook, check the web page, and email for updates.  We are attempting to limit emails to every two weeks.


We want to encourage you as you are staying connected within the church family, care groups, ministry teams, and prayer groups. 

Also, to make one’s giving as easy as possible, you can use your Realm account, mail it to the office, drop it off at the office during business hours, put in the small black box outside the office door which is checked each morning, and each Sunday from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, our Elders and/or Deacons have placed the offering outside the door to the worship center and are available there to pray with if you so desire.  Our Shepherding Team is also on-site to provide security. 


You are loved.


Allen McClure,
Associate Pastor




We will be Live Streaming our service on Sunday morning this Sunday March 29th at 9:00 am. Please join us by clicking the Live Streaming button above or you can view it on Facebook. Last week was a great time of worship and praise even though we couldn't be together in person. We can still worship God even though things are different. In a sermon entitled "What Worries Me?", our Associate Pastor Allen McClure we be preaching from Matthew 6:25-34. Join us this Sunday.




Champion Fellowship Family,

Thank you for taking the time to stay updated regarding the ministry and activities of Champion Fellowship.

In the early part of 2019, Pastor Tim took us through 1 Peter, and we saw how believers live in this world but are governed by a higher ethic; Jesus Christ.  Living out this ethic, we are to set the example and submit to those in authority in our lives from the National, State, and Local levels and those supporting organizations in place for our protection; specifically, 1 Peter 2:11-17.

Therefore, with the recommendation of those in governmental leadership, the leadership of Champion Fellowship has met, discussed, prayed, and are following the recommendations of those authority figures in our lives. 

This necessitates a change in many of our present activities.  Therefore, we provide this update regarding our campus activities in an attempt to keep events at 10 people or less:

  • The March 22nd and 29th services will be available in a live stream format on Facebook at 9:00 am or you may go to the Champion Fellowship website later that day.  For these services, we will have a maximum of 10 people involved in the worship service.

  • All other weekly campus activities are postponed for at least the month of March.  These include:

    • The Sunday morning Adult Leadership classes.

    • Monday evening men’s Bible study.

    • Tuesday morning men’s and women’s Bible study.

    • Friday evening Celebrate Recovery.

    • Other organizations that use the campus have postponed their activities as well.

Starting Monday, March 23rd, the church office will operate on amended hours and at different staffing levels.  With this, we provide the following:

  • The office will be open for necessary business Monday -Thursday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  If there is something you need to pick up or drop off, please do it during these hours if possible.

  • Phone calls between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm are forwarded to one of our staff for a prompt reply.  If you call the office outside of these times, as always, we check the answering machine for any messages.

  • As always, the staff members are local and available as needed.

  • The staff will be in and out of the office for our normal activities, even with reduced physical activities but with increased digital/virtual activities.

  • If you need to email a staff member, we are always checking that and if you need to send a general email to the office, please send it to info@championfellowship.org and that is checked frequently as well. 

We ask you to review the email sent Monday which mentioned that our care groups and ministry teams are checking in with those they serve. 

If a need arises that is beyond the ability of that group to handle, please call the office so we can help coordinate the needed care.  Also, if someone is going in for surgery or there are other medical needs, please keep the ministry team or care group informed who then inform the church office.  If you are not a part of a care group or ministry team, please call the office and let us know as we desire everyone to remain connected as a church family.

As soon as we are able, we will provide updated information as we are monitoring the situation.

If you were unable to watch, please go to the Champion Fellowship Facebook page where Allen McClure and Neil Krebs provided updates for our church family.

Many blessings,
Allen McClure





Dear Champion Fellowship family,

With the events in our world changing daily, almost hourly, let’s remember what has not changed.  God is still on His throne and in charge of everything, Christ is still saving sinners, and the Body of Christ is to continue to make Him known.  While we continue in this, we are to also take care of the members of His body regardless of the season or crisis; until He returns.

Therefore, if individuals/families are unable to meet together for corporate worship, we continue to function as then church. 

How do we do this? 

  • We continue to check in on, look out for, and care for one another and in times like this, we may need to get creative.

  • Each ministry leader is encouraged to stay in touch with those who are a part of that ministry weekly; Elders, Deacons, Hospitality, Adult Leadership, Men’s, Women’s, Youth, Children, Celebrate Recovery, and Adult Bible study classes.

  • We are asking each Care Group teacher/leader/facilitator to stay in touch with those in the group and provide care as needed.

  • Please keep the church office updated so we can help support the congregation as a whole.  If a ministry team/leader needs an updated list, please contact the church office.

  • f you are not a part of a care group and desire to be, or desire to lead a group, please contact the church office.


If you are unable to attend one of the worship services, live stream is available through Facebook and Sunday’s service is uploaded by Monday afternoon in most cases.

Since BISD is presently closed, the Brenham Texas Leadership Academy (BTXLA) is not meeting at this time as it follows the school schedule.

At this time, we are postponing the Beautiful Feet mission trip, originally planned for the 1st week in April.  An update on that mission trip is coming when more information is available.

We have asked those that have traveled out of the country or visited COVID-19 hotspots/areas in the US to take the recommended precautions.

The Elders are meeting on Wednesday and we plan to provide updates regarding ministry and Sunday morning.

Even in times such as this, Champion Fellowship still has obligations and commitments to spreading the message of Christ.  As you know, we support many missionaries and mission activities all over the world.  Some are in areas where there is limited medical care and/or local support and they are in need of the church’s support.  Now is the time for folks everywhere to hear about Christ. 

If you desire to give in support of the ministries at Champion Fellowship and where we minister, you can give via your REALM account, US mail, or give in person at the office.

Finally, the office will do its best to limit emails to the entire church to prevent information update overload.  As we do send them out though, please help us in keeping everyone connected.

Now is the time to be the local church and care for one another.

Many blessings, 
Allen McClure


Dear Champion Fellowship family,


We love and care deeply about our church family, our guests, and our community and strive to model faithfully how to live in Godly wisdom, not fear.  The purpose of this note is to offer reassurance and updates to our church family about the precautions and measures we are taking so that we can all worship in a healthy and safe environment.


To be clear, at this time, we are aware of no incidents or records of exposure to or diagnosis of the coronavirus by any in attendance on our campus for any of its activities.


As such, below are the steps that are currently being taken:

  1. We are, as always, diligent in the cleaning of our campus.

  2. We have increased the hand-sanitizing stations around the campus.

  3. In the Children’s area, we have sanitized all the toys and playground and will continue to do so each week.

  4. Our greeters are still glad to see you on Sunday but will not shake hands or offer a hug as in the past.

  5. During the worship service, we will skip the greeting time to reduce personal contact out of respect for everyone’s comfort level.


Additionally, we are watching the events as they unfold, and the leadership is in regular discussion regarding the best approach to providing a place of worship while recognizing the health needs and/or concerns of our church family.


The church office is operating as always and other events on campus at this time are unchanged.  If anything changes, we will notify you immediately.


In the face of a trial or challenging situation, our church family has an opportunity to model our faith, to impact our circle of influence for Christ, and to pray for God’s wisdom for our nation’s leadership at the national, state, and local level.


We look forward to our worship service this Sunday as we celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


If you are unable to attend worship this Sunday, live stream feed of the service will be available thru Facebook or you can go to the Champion Fellowship web site where the service will be posted as soon as possible.  If you desire to worship from home please know that your tithes and offerings can be made online through your Realm account, be mailed in, or dropped by the office during working hours Monday through Thursday; 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.


Many blessings and God bless,


Allen McClure


Associate Pastor

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