Beautiful Feet Mission Trip- David Hughes

Today we share our final Champion Story with you from the Beautiful Feet Mission Trip that our team was a part of in January. Meet David Hughes. David coordinated and led out on this trip and was a servant to all throughout the weekend. Take a look below to read what the Lord taught him during his time in Fort Worth. For me, this was just an awesome trip in so many ways. I felt like I was on the frontlines of a battle where people were hurting, neglected, and many were truly lost. We get so comfortable in our daily circle, and it was just great to get out and do what we are called to do in serving and telling others about Jesus. For everyone who got to go on this trip, we stepped out of

Beautiful Feet Mission Trip- Jake Forland

Today, we introduce to you Jake Forland as we continue our Champion Stories this week. Jake was our youngest teammate from the Beautiful Feet Mission Trip to Fort Worth, Texas in January, and the trip wouldn't have been the same without him! See below to read Jake's story about how the Lord moved in his life during his time in Fort Worth. One thing that I saw was that homeless people can be really joyful. It touched me to see that. It felt really good to give them food, to share something with them from the Word of God, to make them feel happy, and to pray with them. I prayed with one man, and he was so joyful, so nice, and the happiest man you would ever meet. When I started talking with

Beautiful Feet Mission Trip- Dylan Hughes

Today, we continue our Champion Stories from the Beautiful Feet Mission Trip in January. Meet Dylan Hughes, one of our teammates from the trip. See below to read Dylan's story about how the Lord moved in his life during his time in Fort Worth. Hello, my name is Dylan Hughes, and I went on the mission trip to Fort Worth with Champion Fellowship. Our first day of the trip, we went to a shelter where the homeless could go and eat food and sleep. On our second day we helped cook in the kitchen and went to a church service that Beautiful Feet hosted. Our first night there, we met a guy that was homeless and used to be an alcoholic. We met him later on our second day there and took him out to ea

Beautiful Feet Mission Trip-Dave Redmond

Today, as we continue our Champion Stories from the Beautiful Feet Mission Trip, meet Dave Redmond. Dave was a part of the team from Champion Fellowship that served the homeless with Beautiful Feet Ministries in Fort Worth, Texas, on January 15-17. Read below his story and how the Lord moved in his life throughout the weekend. My experience with the Beautiful Feet Missions Trip was eye opening and moving. I noticed that on the first night out on the streets that I was missing a lot of the needs that were all around me. What I mean by that is I would see one need that a homeless person had and focus on it and them until I had done what I thought I could accomplish. I then would move to the

Beautiful Feet Mission Trip- Alyson Tofel

This week on the Champion blog, we will be sharing stories from the team that traveled to Fort Worth, Texas, on January 15-17, to serve alongside Beautiful Feet Ministries. The team's mission was to share the Gospel and love of Jesus with the city's homeless. Today, we introduce to you, Alyson Tofel. Read below to hear how the Lord moved in her life during the team's weekend in Fort Worth. Looking back on my time at Beautiful Feet Ministries, I can honestly say I did not know what to expect. I came with an open heart and open mind to whatever God had planned, but I did not know exactly what I had signed up for. During our first night of ministry, our group went to the homeless shelter and

IF:Brenham 2016

Champion Fellowship hosted IF:Brenham, a local gathering and webcast of the IF:Gathering, this past weekend on February 5-6. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, worship, confession, and drawing closer to Jesus. The IF:Gathering exists to gather, equip, and unleash women to live out their callings for the glory of Christ. It is a global event, where hundreds of thousands of women from around the world stream into the actual conference that takes place in Austin, Texas. It was an amazing time for our women to be a part of seeking the Lord together within our local community and knowing that thousands of others were doing the same within their own local gatherings. IF has reached over a

Beautiful Feet Mission Trip

Champion Fellowship sent a team of 17 to Fort Worth, Texas, the weekend of January 15-17 to partner alongside Beautiful Feet Ministries. Beautiful Feet was started in 1981 and has since shared the Gospel with and discipled countless homeless men and women of Fort Worth. You can learn more about Beautiful Feet Ministries here. Our team helped the staff in preparing and serving meals, leading worship and sharing testimonies during services, sharing the Gospel and praying with individuals at a local shelter, at a homeless camp, and on the streets. The team also distributed food, clothes, and blankets on the city streets and under the bridges. The Lord opened eyes, changed lives, and moved i

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