Brazil Mission Trip-David Hughes

Today we share our final Champion Story with you from the Brazil Mission Trip that our team was a part of in March. Meet David Hughes. This was David's fourth trip to Sao Paulo to serve with Restoration Ministries. Take a look below to read what the Lord taught him during his time in Brazil. This was my fourth time to Brazil, and it seems like every year God grows me and reveals to me different things. This year we were working on some houses that had been flooded from the rains. One house was home to strong followers of God, and the other was owned by a non-believer who was very much into drugs and alcohol. At the completion of each job the believers cried and said it was a dream come

Brazil Mission Trip-Kalvin Doyle

For our second story today from the Brazil team, meet Kalvin Doyle. The team's trip in March was Kalvin's first international trip and visit to Sao Paulo. See below to read Kalvin's story about how the Lord moved in his life while serving in Brazil alongside Restoration Ministries. When I was told I was put on the list to go on the trip, I was surprised. It was an honor going on the trip. I always wanted to go on a mission trip, but I never thought my first trip would be to Brazil. I had no idea what to expect after a long 10 hour flight. I have never been on a plane or to another country for that matter. Seeing the poor conditions everywhere we went was a shock to me. Seeing how these peo

Brazil Mission Trip-Haley Rosenbaum

Today, we continue our Champion Stories from the Brazil Mission Trip in March. Meet Haley Rosenbaum. This was Haley's third visit to Sao Paulo to serve with Restoration Ministries. See below to read Haley's story about how the Lord moved in her life during her time in Brazil. Like always, God showed up and did big things this past Spring Break! The cool thing about this being my third trip to Brazil is that no trip has looked the same. Each year there are different things that God places on my heart, and this year God revealed to me just how much I have grown spiritually. My first year with Restoration Ministries, I was scared to pray out loud when we went to home visits and reacted emotion

Brazil Mission Trip-Marisa Hale

Today, as we continue our Champion Stories from the Brazil Mission Trip, meet Marisa Hale. Marisa was a part of the team from Champion Fellowship that served in Sao Paulo with Restoration Ministries on March 10-21. Read below her story and how the Lord moved in her life during her time in Brazil. Traveling to Brazil this year was especially a blessing for me. After coming home from the trip in 2015 I was eager and ready to return. Throughout the year it is easy to get distracted to things that are going on in life and forget about why I wanted to return in the first place. I had signed up to go on the trip this year, and it was around Christmas time when I was having doubts about whether I

Brazil Mission Trip-Debbie Forland

This week on the Champion blog, we will be sharing stories from the team that traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil on March 10-21, to serve alongside Restoration Ministries. The team's mission was to share the Gospel and love of Jesus with children and families within the city's favelas (slums). Today, we introduce to you, Debbie Forland. Read below to hear how the Lord moved in her life during the team's weekend in Sao Paulo. Portuguese is hard. Really hard. I don’t really like it. I like listening to it, but trying to learn it is an entirely different story. Just when I think I have a phrase figured out, I find out I am saying it wrong. I have often thought, “Why can’t these people just speak S

Brazil Mission Trip 2016

A team of 13 from Champion Fellowship recently traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to serve alongside Restoration Ministries. The team was there March 10-21 sharing Christ within the city's favelas (slums). The team helped serve and minister through Agitas (think vbs-style fun!), worship services, repairing a couple homes in one of the favelas, putting on a camp for 50 kids from the favelas at Camp California, teaching English classes at the Restoration Ministries Center, and more. This week (April 19-22), we will be sharing stories from the team about how the Lord moved during their time in Brazil. This Sunday (April 24) is also Brazil Sunday. Come and worship with us as we will share a vide

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