We are located at 1801 S. Market Street in Brenham, Texas.  You may contact us via telephone at  979.277.9090 or by email at info@championfellowship.org.  Visit our office Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am-5:00 pm.  For directions or a contact form, visit the "C​ontact Us" page of this site.

Where is Champion Fellowship Located?

When are Champion Fellowship's worship services?

We gather for corporate worship on Sunday mornings at 9:00 and 10:45. 

What kind of church is Champion Fellowship?

We are a Southern Baptist Church that has chosen to affiliate with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention on the state level and the Southern Baptist Convention nationally.

What is Champion's statement of faith?

We affirm the Baptist Faith and Message, 2000 as our statement of doctrine.  Follow this link to view the Baptist Faith and Message:

Click here to also view our Champion Distinctives.

How do I become a member?

To become a member, attend the Discover Champion class that meets once a quarter. This class will let you know who we are, what we believe, and where we are going so that you can make an informed and prayerful decision about  becoming a part of our church family.  It's a good place to start even if you're just interested in learning more about us, but unsure about membership.  Email the Champion office to sign up for the next Discover Champion class.  

What can I expect on a Sunday morning?

In corporate worship services, we worship through song led by a praise team and  our pastor preaches from God's word.  We are a church that considers prayer, both individual and corporate, as of the greatest importance.  We also take seriously the command to give to support the work of the ministry to which the Lord has called us.  All of these acts of worship are part of our Sunday morning services.

Safe and secure childcare is provided for all corporate gatherings at CF for children through age three, unless otherwise communicated.  Care is provided by nursery care workers who have undergone complete background checks with law enforcement.  Nursery/Preschool is available on Sunday mornings during both services at 9:00 and 10:45 am and Kids Church (1st-6th grade) is at 10:45 am.

Is child-care provided?

How do I get connected at Champion Fellowship?

Without a doubt, joining a Care Group is the fastest way to build relationships at CF.  In the largeness of corporate worship, it is easy to come and go without forming real relationships or being known by others.  Opening yourself up to being known by others and the accountability that comes with that is a vital part of the Christian life.  To find out more about Care Groups, visit the "Groups" page of this site or contact the church office at 979.277.9090.

How often does Champion celebrate the Lord's Supper?

Open to all who have repented of their sin and have made a public profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month in corporate worship.

What does Champion believe about Baptism?

Baptism is an act of obedience commanded in Scripture for all those who repent of their sin and make a public profession of saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Therefore, believer's baptism precludes the unbiblical practice of infant baptism.  CF celebrates the ordinance of baptism on the third Sunday of every month.  

What does Champion believe about Eternal Security?

Salvation is by grace through faith in the atoning work of Jesus Christ who alone bore the penalty of our sin.  It is His finished work on the cross that both secured our salvation and now keeps us secure in Himself.  Man may not sin his way out of this relationship.  While sin will certainly grieve the Lord, we do not cease to be His children.  Indeed, as Christians we desire more and more to please the Lord through our lives of holy obedience, and this is the evidence of a life that has been redeemed.  Anyone who does not practice righteousness is not of God (1 John 3:10).  A man is not saved by his works, but the outworking of God's Spirit in a person's life will bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and thus confirm the truth of his conversion.  But once gained, salvation may never be lost.