What does it take to get involved in the Worship Ministry?

  • You must have a relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Desire to serve Him in this area and be gifted for it

  • You must be a member of Champion Fellowship to serve on a regular basis

What are the areas of service in the Worship Ministry?

  • The Worship Team (Sunday mornings)

  • The Audio/Visual Team (Sunday mornings)

  • The Worship Choir

The worship choir is currently not meeting, but we are planning for the future of this area of ministry.  We need more passionate and talented people to step up and help this ministry flourish.  We'll update this page as things progress.

What's the first step?

  • Contact Jason by calling the office or via email with the form below.

What if I'm not good enough?

  • People commonly feel that they are not talented enough to get involved.  If you have at least a little bit of talent, you can work towards getting involved.  The most important thing is that you have a healthy relationship with Christ and the desire to be excellent in what you do.  If you have this heart posture and are willing to work, you can more than likely get involved.  It's usually just a matter of when, not if.

  • Some people come with very little skill, are willing to work hard, and grow their skill to the point of involvement.  Some people come with very little skill and are unwilling to work hard and eventually drop out.  The point of expressing this is to encourage that, if you are willing to work hard, you can more than likely be involved. 

  • On rare ocassion there is someone who wants to be involved, but is clearly not gifted musically or technically (for audio/visual).  In this case, we try and help you find somewhere that you are gifted to serve.   But even in this case, there is nothing to fear!  It is no indicator of your worth in the body, but merely an indicator of  where you should serve. 

What should I expect?

  • Usually the starting point is a very informal time of playing or singing a couple of songs with Jason.  Everyone is at a different place musically and this meeting is just to get acquainted with one another and see where we need to go.  Don't think of this as much like an audition as an introduction.  You may meet with Jason several times one-on-one before moving ahead.

  • Next, you'll be scheduled to come and participate in Thursday practice(s) before ever being scheduled for a Sunday.  The number of practices varies for each person.  The purpose of them is to get you familiar with the band, the equipment and how we do things and to get us familiar with you.  We intentionally move slowly during this process because it's best for you if you're very comfortable when it's time to lead worship.

  • If you're wanting to be involved in the audio/visual area, you'll be scheduled to observe and be trained by those already serving, both in Thursday rehearsals and on Sunday mornings.  Again, the pace is different for each person.  Next, you'll be watched as you do the task, and finally you'll be on your own!

A final word...

The purpose for explaining these steps is to try and encourage you to be involved if you feel the Lord leading you.  By having an idea of what it will be like, we hope that you'll be more inclined to step out. 


Most importantly, we want to honor Jesus together as we serve Him.  We want to cultivate hearts of worship and do all that we do to magnify His greatness.