logo explanation.jpg

Our new logo is designed to tell the story of the mission and vision of Champion Fellowship and reflect the personality of the church. The negative shapes of the "C" and "f" come together to create a unique shape that is also a stylized cross. The "C" is strong and bold and perfect and represents Christ who is our Champion. The "f" is casual and friendly with rough edges that represents our fellowship with Christ but also our fellowship with each other.

Also a part of the design are three "Cs" that represent our vision: Connect with Christ, Care for Others, and Commit to Serve. The vision aligns perfectly with our mission to Love God, Love Others and Share Christ. The mission is our main thing and is ultimately what we should be doing as a church. The vision is how we accomplish our mission. The three "Cs" contained in our logo that represent our vision should be a constant reminder to us that we should always Connect with Christ, Care for Others, and Commit to Serve as we endeavor to build up the body of Christ and share our story with others.