Prayer should be a natural part of the Christian life...right?

It should be, but many of us struggle with taking real time out of the busyness of our schedules to devote to prayer.  For many, when we do take time to pray, we struggle with distractions.  Right?

We want to work to remedy the tendency of prayerlessness in our lives.  We believe that prayer is vitally important to our walk of faith.  The Bible has much to say about prayer and commands us to pray.  In prayer we become more intimate with God as He aligns our will with His. 


Champion provides multiple opportunities for prayer.  Some of our church prayer meetings have already been happening for quite some time and some are just beginning.  Some prayer will be corporate and some will be in small groups within your Life Groups.  However the form, the question is, "Will you join us in prayer?"

Do you have a prayer need?  Contact us here to have your need shared with the prayer ministry of the church.

Prayer Opportunities:


  • Wednesdays @ 12:15 pm in the Fellowship Center

  • In your Life Group