Beautiful Feet Mission Trip-Dave Redmond

Today, as we continue our Champion Stories from the Beautiful Feet Mission Trip, meet Dave Redmond. Dave was a part of the team from Champion Fellowship that served the homeless with Beautiful Feet Ministries in Fort Worth, Texas, on January 15-17. Read below his story and how the Lord moved in his life throughout the weekend.

My experience with the Beautiful Feet Missions Trip was eye opening and moving. I noticed that on the first night out on the streets that I was missing a lot of the needs that were all around me. What I mean by that is I would see one need that a homeless person had and focus on it and them until I had done what I thought I could accomplish. I then would move to the next person or place that I thought I should go to and do whatever I could for that person’s need. What I realized is that all along the way I was not seeing all that could be done both physically and spiritually for these people. It was because I was with some volunteers that had done this many times before that I saw them seeing and addressing needs that I was clearly missing. That night I asked God to open my spiritual eyes so that I could be better led by Him.

As the weekend progressed I felt that God answered my prayer. I remember sitting and talking with two different couples that were homeless married couples in their 50’s or 60’s. There was one couple that I met with twice under interstate I-35. They had both lost their jobs and home, and the husband was struggling with a knee problem. They loved that we had food for them and were eager to listen to their story and pray with them. They were so humble and grateful for the little that they had, yet ashamed to let their college age kids know that they were on the streets.

There was another couple that left an impact on me in the way they supported each other and were wanting to help others. The husband had gone to UT on a Pell grant and was telling my son Aaron how important school was and about grants. Somehow life turned upside down for the two of them, but they were still very much in love with each other and with God. I saw them at least three different times at the mission, and they were always side by side and smiling.

A third person that I will remember had been struggling with anger and what he described as demonic oppression (not possession). He felt evil forces tormenting him which was causing a lot of anguish and grief. One of the longtime volunteers, Dan, and I were able to pray with him and for him about the oppression and sin in his life. Right there in the little prayer room, this man rededicated his life to Christ.

I really feel that God did open my eyes to the needs around me during the weekend at the mission, and I know I'll be more aware of the spiritual and other needs around me in everyday life. I look forward to being used more by the Spirit now that God has given me a better vision for the needs around me.

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