Beautiful Feet Mission Trip- Dylan Hughes

Today, we continue our Champion Stories from the Beautiful Feet Mission Trip in January. Meet Dylan Hughes, one of our teammates from the trip. See below to read Dylan's story about how the Lord moved in his life during his time in Fort Worth.

Hello, my name is Dylan Hughes, and I went on the mission trip to Fort Worth with Champion Fellowship. Our first day of the trip, we went to a shelter where the homeless could go and eat food and sleep. On our second day we helped cook in the kitchen and went to a church service that Beautiful Feet hosted.

Our first night there, we met a guy that was homeless and used to be an alcoholic. We met him later on our second day there and took him out to eat. He loved it. He showed us where he stayed on the side of a building where he slept on a sleeping bag and had everything he owned in a little box. Seeing the way that he lived and that he was still a humble Christian through it all really made me upset with the way that I have always lived and have taken everything that I have for granted. We left that night and I couldn't help but to cry when I got back to our place realizing that while I was sleeping on a mattress, he was outside sleeping on a sleeping bag in the cold weather.

We cooked breakfast and said our final goodbyes to the people there on our last day. While on this trip I learned so much. I learned how to pray with other people, how to appreciate the things in life that I have, and to never take anything for granted because I could have it a lot worse. This trip really changed me, and I will always remember the experience. I recommend everyone to go on a mission trip, to be missionaries in our home town, and to share the Gospel with other people when given the chance.

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