Beautiful Feet Mission Trip- David Hughes

Today we share our final Champion Story with you from the Beautiful Feet Mission Trip that our team was a part of in January. Meet David Hughes. David coordinated and led out on this trip and was a servant to all throughout the weekend. Take a look below to read what the Lord taught him during his time in Fort Worth.

For me, this was just an awesome trip in so many ways. I felt like I was on the frontlines of a battle where people were hurting, neglected, and many were truly lost.

We get so comfortable in our daily circle, and it was just great to get out and do what we are called to do in serving and telling others about Jesus.

For everyone who got to go on this trip, we stepped out of our comfort zones. I had never been out on the streets like that in Fort Worth, but it was great to just get out and go serve and be with people we never had the chance to be around. It was a very humbling experience.

I encourage anyone that's ever thought of going on a mission trip to go on one. They are life-changing. If it's not going anywhere to serve, serve where you are. We are missing a lot of opportunities. There is more we can do, and there is more we need to be doing. This trip helped reaffirm to me that I can and I need to do more!

Thank you for following along with our Champion Stories this week! We loved sharing how the Lord moved through our team during their time in January in Fort Worth with Beautiful Feet Ministries. To read the four other stories featured this week, you can view them here, here, here, and here. We pray these stories encourage us all to step out and follow the Lord in sharing His love and truth however and wherever He may lead.