Brazil Mission Trip-David Hughes

Today we share our final Champion Story with you from the Brazil Mission Trip that our team was a part of in March. Meet David Hughes. This was David's fourth trip to Sao Paulo to serve with Restoration Ministries. Take a look below to read what the Lord taught him during his time in Brazil.

This was my fourth time to Brazil, and it seems like every year God grows me and reveals to me different things. This year we were working on some houses that had been flooded from the rains. One house was home to strong followers of God, and the other was owned by a non-believer who was very much into drugs and alcohol.

At the completion of each job the believers cried and said it was a dream come true that their house had been repaired. At the non-believer's house, I was the only one left. When we finished we were leaving and the father never said anything. So as we left I went about 5 steps and dropped my tools and told my translator that I needed to talk to the man. He probably didn’t want to hear it, but I wanted him to know that everything that had been done to his house was all God. That he needed to change his life for himself and his family. I basically unloaded on him, but I let him know this wasn’t what I wanted from him…it’s what God wanted from him. I concluded by telling him that I wanted no thanks for allowing me to fix his house, but that I would want him to go to church that Saturday night. We prayed together, and I left.

That Saturday night as Tim was preaching that man showed up in church and looked cleaned up. My prayers to God were answered. I hope it was a start for him, but it reaffirmed to me to encourage those around us, even those that it looks like everyone has given up on. Jesus is our Savior, our Hope, our Strength. If He can change me and this man, He can change anyone’s heart. Keep encouraging people to seek Him.

Thank you for following along with our Champion Stories this week! We loved sharing how the Lord moved through our team during their time in Brazil in March with Restoration Ministries. To read the four other stories featured this week, you can view them here, here, here, and here. We pray these stories encourage us all to step out and follow the Lord in sharing His love and truth however and wherever He may lead, whether here or abroad!