Beautiful Feet Trip- LaKisha Anderson

Today, as we continue our Champion Stories from the Beautiful Feet Mission Trip, meet LaKisha Anderson. LaKisha was a part of the team from Champion Fellowship that served the homeless with Beautiful Feet Ministries in Fort Worth, Texas, on February 10-12. Read below her story about how the Lord moved in her life throughout the weekend.

This was my second time being a part of the Beautiful Feet mission team, and like many of the others, the first time I went I was all excited…excited more about the opportunity to reach out and help people who I could relate to on some of their levels. I was surprised to realize that on the first trip God spoke more to me then. I spoke to others (or so it felt), although I prayed for several and several were saved.

This time was completely different. I went more out of obedience then want. I had really been struggling with things spiritually and just didn’t feel as though I could be of much use to God or anyone this time around, but I went anyway. I didn’t pray for as many people this time as I did the first time, but I enjoyed seeing some familiar faces and hearing the progress they had made and at the same time saddened that some were worse off.

God did use me though as I opened up and shared my brokenness with others just as or more broken then myself, and although I was reluctant to go, I did see God show up often.

We don’t often get to see the seeds we plant grow, but we definitely see God at work, and to me that is all that matters. It doesn’t matter whether we feel like going or felt like being there, or if we pray for no one or everyone. God is still at work and working in a mighty way. Our job is just to sow…God’s job is to reap.

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