Beautiful Feet Trip- Dylan Hughes

Being on the Beautiful Feet mission trip was amazing. It's really where you get to know who you are as a person and to see what God has in store for you.

We often at times put our own needs and wants in front of His, but once we listen to God's needs we find our true selves.

On the trip we encountered many different people who were similar to ourselves even though they were homeless. In a way we are homeless ourselves. We are all heading down one road in life, and when we look up we find our true path.

If you never have been on a mission trip, I definitely recommend checking this one out. You will leave and be totally changed for the better when you get back.

Thank you for following along with our Champion Stories this week! We loved sharing how the Lord moved through our team during their time in February in Fort Worth with Beautiful Feet Ministries. To read the four other stories featured this week, you can view them here,here, here, and here. Also, to view the video from the trip again, see below!